What do watercolor and geometry, or clay and fractions have in common? They all come together through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) learning in WMCAT’s Daytime Studios with local middle schools.

These customized creative experiences allow students to deepen their understanding of classroom concepts through hands-on connection with visual arts and digital media projects. Guided by WMCAT’s professional teaching artists, students see learning come to life by using proportions to divide and measure clay, data modeling to design an infographic, or the properties of light to capture a photo.

“I did illustration, and it was actually pretty fun. I’m excited to create more characters at WMCAT!”
– Jonathan, middle school student

Ana, a student at Harrison Park Academy, applied the concept of time while recording a podcast with her peers at WMCAT. “I think how math played into the podcasting is that you have to time different things. Like if someone was in the room that you do recording in, you would have to tell them when to do it, when to not do it, when to start, all that.”

And Ana’s teacher, Maximilian Young, also knows the value of adding an “A” to STEM education. “When we add in the art element that WMCAT provides, they can show off their answers in a variety of possibilities and any way that they feel imaginable.”

STEAM learning through Daytime Studios provides students the space and tools to approach learning with creativity and curiosity, building skills that prepare them for engagement in our shared future.

Connect a local middle or high school classroom to WMCAT’s Daytime Studios at artstech.wmcat.org/daytime.