Staff + Instructors

Our team represents a wide pool of experience that helps fulfill the WMCAT mission everyday. Find contact information for each staff member or instructor below.


Jamon Alexander
President + CEO
Leanne Rhoads
Vice President of Programs + Strategy
Renida Clark
Director of Workforce Development
Megan Lorenz
Director of Communications + Strategy
Gretchen Mousel
Director of Finance + Human Resources
Trudy Ngo-Brown
Director of Public Agency
Casey Stratton
Director of Arts + Tech
Juan Garcia
Program Manager, Ambrose at WMCAT
Rosie Runals
Program Manager, Workforce Development
Mike Saunders
Program Manager + Video Production Teaching Artist
Mac Carlson
Production Coordinator, Ambrose at WMCAT
Kiara Conway
Design Associate, Public Agency at WMCAT
Lyric Floria
Development + Events Associate
Isela Hernandez
Office + Administrative Associate
Lee Lipps
Administrative Associate
Carolina Lopez-Ruiz
Program Coordinator, Arts + Tech
Grace Swanson
Communications Associate
Cayci Woday
Client Specialist, Ambrose at WMCAT

Workforce Development Instructors

Andrea Owens
Medical Billing Instructor
Rebecka Deroos
Medical Coding Instructor
Cindy Goodyke
Pharmacy Technician Instructor

Arts + Tech Instructors

Mike Saunders
Program Manager + Video Production Teaching Artist
Brandon Copeland
Music Tech + Production Teaching Artist
John Cox
Fashion Design Teaching Artist
George Eberhardt
Illustration + Animation Teaching Artist
Dennis Grantz
Photography Teaching Artist
Jalexia Stoutmyre
Illustration + Animation Teaching Artist


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