Board of Directors

The WMCAT Board Of Directors Ensures We Are Sustainable, Impactful and True To Our Mission

Thank you to the following board members who give their time and expertise to WMCAT. They are donors, experts and friends to the organization.

Steven Ender

Board President
Grand Rapids Community College, Retired

Mike Walton

Board Vice President
Rhoades McKee

Tracey Hornbeck

Board Secretary
Legacy Trust

Lisa Freiburger

Board Treasurer
Grand Rapids Community College

Nancy Hickey

Steelcase Inc., Retired

Brian Cloyd

Steelcase Inc., Retired

Khumbo Croft

Gordon Food Service

Tim Williams


Garrick Rochow

Consumers Energy

Gilda Gely

Davenport University

Brian Schwartz

Eightyfive Miles

Scott Dresen

Spectrum Health

Omar Hall

NN, Inc.

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