Graduations mark an end to one journey and the beginning of another. WMCAT graduations have always been a significant day for our students, their families, WMCAT staff, our board, and the community – we love celebrating together! The importance of an event like graduation has not been diminished because plans had to change. We will honor graduates of our Adult Career Training Program, graduating high school seniors in our Teen Arts + Tech Program, and young adults completing WMCAT’s Step Year, but we need your help

Sometimes we need to hear “You Got This,” and today we may need to hear it a lot. This phrase has become a bit of a mantra around WMCAT and for our students. We want YOU to be one of the voices of encouragement and celebration for our students by sharing your “You Got This!” message with them directly. Submit either a short video or a short written message.

How to Participate 

Submit a video message:

~ Create a 10-30 second video.

~ Share your video in a direct message to WMCAT via Facebook @wmcat or Instagram @wmcatgr. Your video can also be emailed to

~ Share your video on social media (don’t forget to tag WMCAT and use the hashtag #WMCATYouGotThis).

Submit a written message:

If you don’t want to submit a video, please use the form below to submit a written “You Got This!” message. Please share on your social media (don’t forget to tag WMCAT and use the hashtag #WMCATYouGotThis).


A final compilation video will be created for students and shared with them beginning the week of June 1, 2020. The video will also be shared publicly on our social media outlets (follow our hashtag #WMCATYouGotThis) and on this blog post the week of June 8, 2020.