Lynzey and Travis Gibbons, with their son Silas, are WMCAT Opportunity Curators.

Travis and Lynzey Gibbons are new parents who are NOT new to philanthropy. As a couple they made an early commitment to supporting local organizations that are rooted in community prosperity. “When equity is unjustifiably scarce, we support organizations working to provide the opportunity we all should enjoy,” they shared.

As working professionals who are parents to one-year-old Silas, the Gibbons see being WMCAT Opportunity Curators as a way to advance their commitment to community prosperity and equity. Their monthly gift to WMCAT allows them to be a part of our mission all year. “Giving monthly feels like we are truly a part of the work, more so than giving once a year,” Travis said.

Years ago, Lynzey met a graduate of WMCAT’s Teen Arts + Tech Program who was an intern at her office, while Travis was learning about WMCAT through his work in the nonprofit sector. This was their first, but not last, experience with WMCAT’s mission of providing equitable access to opportunity. As Opportunity Curators, they love knowing their support is ensuring continued innovation and impact. “Above all we support WMCAT because everything is designed and set up for the students and their success,” the couple said.

You can join the Gibbons as Opportunity Curators, making your monthly gift to WMCAT to advance your own philanthropic goals and ensure our work continues and grows. Learn more at