George Miguel is a college graduate. But his degree still came with some self-doubt. What did he want to do next?

George Miguel leads the Step Year group in team building

He worked so hard to graduate as a first-generation college student but was never able to find the support to help him explore his authentic talents and interests that aligned with a future pathway.

“A turning point was realizing that I both went into college and left college with no guidance,” shared George.

Enter Step Year at WMCAT, an intentional experience for young adults who seek mentoring and support around post-secondary and career success. George was one of six young adults who spent four months diving deep into personal leadership, career exploration, and building their options for post-secondary pathways.

George Miguel and his classmate Aliyah Jordan, both 2019 Step Year graduates

Step Year helped each of them create a plan and put that plan into action.

“WMCAT is supporting me by providing a sense of connection and belonging in the community,” said George. “[WMCAT] is a place where I know I can ask for help.”

Where is George headed now? He’s looking at both law school and the Peace Corps.

Thanks to our donors for investing in young adults like George as they work through self-doubt and create meaningful pathways for the future.

George Miguel graduated from Step Year in June 2019 and shared the moment with program manager, Brandy Arnold

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