Welcome to year 15 at WMCAT. Fifteen graduating classes from our Adult Career Training Program; 15 senior classes from our Teen Arts + Tech Program; and hundreds of adults and young people who discovered their own opportunity pathways.

The WMCAT staff took time in August to reflect on the last year and look ahead to the next three years

The traditional gift for a 15-year anniversary is crystal. This strikes me as so appropriate for WMCAT’s 15th year, as crystal represents clarity and transparency. A synonym of crystal is “unblurred.” I love this as I reflect on WMCAT’s work to provide equitable access to opportunity. We support our students and each other in creating clear visions for the future and in leaning in to our authentic, transparent selves.

In our 15th year, how might we nurture this clarity of vision within our community? How might we provide a place to explore unblurred, transparent, and authentic visions for the future?

We’re up for the challenge. Next June we will present an immersive, unique two-day convening called “WMCAT 20/20: Exploring Conflicting Visions for the Future.” We hope to provide ample opportunities for our community to move out of self-curated echo chambers, have transparent and honest conversations, and gain clarity of vision.

Thank you for 15 years of supporting and advancing our vision for equitable access to opportunity.

Daniel Williams, EdD, President + CEO


Learn more about WMCAT 20/20 through our event website and subscribe to receive updates at wmcat2020.org.

WMCAT is now seeking a variety of speakers, performers, and facilitators to engage attendees of WMCAT 20/20 in sessions around four tracks: Education, Economic Support, Health and Well-Being, and Social Capital. These tracks and corresponding topics have been generated with the help of more than 50 diverse leaders from business, nonprofit, government, creative, and education fields.

Please review the topics for which we are requesting proposals here, as well as instructions on how propose a session. The brief proposal form should be submitted no later than October 7, 2019.