WMCAT is Prepared to Serve Economically-Vulnerable Families


What a week it’s been! Have the last seven days looked anything like this for you: You’re trying to make decisions you don’t feel prepared to make. You’re moved by the acts of kindness, and you’re emotionally drained. You’re proud of our heroes in healthcare, and you’re frustrated with a system that does not guarantee access to all. You feel empowered to support your neighbors and local businesses, and you feel helpless that you can’t make it all go away. 

You are not alone. We at the West Michigan Center for Arts + Technology join you in trying to make sense out of uncertainty and build community amidst social distancing. 

Our facility may be closed to the public, but WMCAT is not closed to our families and our community. Our staff continue to teach, mentor, support, and connect with our students. We may be working remotely, but we are on the frontlines of helping families build income security, and mitigating social isolation. 

We need your support to ensure we weather this storm, that we are prepared to serve economically-vulnerable families when this crisis subsides, and that we are positioned to advance our mission to provide equitable access to opportunity. 

I know the needs of our neighbors are innumerable right now. It is how we come together to support the vulnerable and collectively give voice to the power of community that will be the true test of our resolve. One of my hopes through this national crisis is that we embrace the opportunity to build and practice empathy.

Come together with us now. Please make a gift to WMCAT today so that in the now we can support economically-vulnerable families by: 

Helping adult career training students complete their coursework
Our career instructors are teaching online and all students provided with laptop and course materials so they are ready for living-wage positions in medical coding, medical billing and pharmacy technician. You are providing a path to sustained income security for economically-vulnerable families.

Mitigating social isolation for high school students
Teens are connecting through virtual studio time with their peers and teaching artists, weekly creative prompts, and digital platforms for sharing art with each other. Your support will provide greater emotional health, learning and social connection for young people in our city.

Ensuring our families have access to resources
Our staff are working with WMCAT partners on access to food, financial assistance and emotional health support. We are maintaining a resource guide for families. A gift from you will mean our staff can continue to build trusting, meaningful relationships with students, giving them accurate, timely information on available resources. 

In the coming weeks, I will share stories of resilience, the power of creativity, and perseverance from WMCAT staff, students, and families. And I will share ways we can continue to come together to support vulnerable families and build community. Thank you for your friendship and commitment to WMCAT and our amazing students.

With gratitude,

Daniel Williams
President + CEO
West Michigan Center for Arts + Technology