•  Weed Killer

    Intro to Video Production + Fashion Design + Intro to Photography + Graphic Design

Up in Lights: Creative Collaboration

Four teen arts studios collaborated on one cool project. It started with teen artists in Intro to Video Production wanting to create a trailer for a movie called “Weed Killer!” the story of avenging high school bullies for their treatment of LGBTQ peers.

Video Production teen artists started by building a storyboard. They then turned to students in Fashion Design to bring the main character to life. After interviews and brainstorming sessions, Fashion students created a life-size costume that amped up the quality of the movie trailer. The video shoot commenced.

The next step was to promote the trailer. Intro to Photography and Graphic Design studios brought the concept to life with original photography and a specially-designed poster.

Finally, the trailer premiered on Halloween for all WMCAT students.