Through their family philanthropy, the Wrights are impacting opportunity. And through their family business, they are making West Michigan a tastier place to give.

MarcQus Wright was working in higher education when he started donating to WMCAT in 2008. “I believe in education in any form,” shared MarcQus, owner of Daddy’s Dough Cookies. “Even if you take five dollars out of your check every month, that helps out a student.”

MarcQus and Tawanna Wright founded Daddy’s Dough Cookies with their children Mariah and Malcolm because of a passion for baking as a family.

Not only baking, the Wrights love running the business together and caring for those around them. It shows through their 12 years as WMCAT donors, committed to providing access to opportunities in West Michigan.

For those considering the act of giving, Tawanna simply expressed, “do it!” Both Tawanna and MarcQus were taught from an early age that if you have more than what you need, it is good to give to those who need it. And now their children are learning that same value from an early age. 

Though there isn’t a definitive favorite cookie within the family, giving is certainly a common bond between them.

Thanks to the Wright family for generously supporting teens and adults in our community since 2008 (and for making incredible cookies!).

Join them today with a one-time or monthly gift to WMCAT. You too can create opportunities daily for families in West Michigan. Visit Thank you!