Test your medical technology IQ: Atorvastatin is the generic name for what popular prescription drug?

Answer: Lipitor

This is just one of the many facts, definitions, formuals, and techniques WMCAT’s adult pharmacy technician students need to know as they head out for externships and, ultimately, careers that will change their lives.

March is the month our adult career training students put it in high gear. Our pharmacy technician students are spending one day a week working at a local retail pharmacy to gain valuable on-the-job experience. In May they will begin externships in a hospital pharmacy. Our medical coding and billing students will head off on externships in May as well. Plus, all medical coding students are registered to take their Certified Professional Coder tests on June 8.

These experiences are invaluable in making the connections between months of class work and real careers. WMCAT’s program prepares under and unemployed adults for careers that offer laddering opportunities, benefits, and living wages — truly moving people to opportunity.

Our graduates are making their mark too. This month two pharmacy technician alumni received recognition:

Eboni, a 2012 WMCAT graduate who works at Spectrum Health, was nominated for a Michigan Works! Employee of the Year Award.

Angela, a 2011 WMCAT graduate, was honored with a Wow! Recognition from Spectrum Health for her efforts at teamwork in the pharmacy.