A team of photography students at WMCAT have installed a new exhibit at The Rapid’s Central Station in downtown Grand Rapids and will be showcasing their work inside buses this summer. Two photography design teams have been exploring discrimination and acceptance this year through a design thinking process. Their work has been guided by the questions “How Might We enable our community to understand all people are alike?” and “How Might We encourage our peers to see the beauty in all people?”


Their striking portraits are currently on display at The Rapid Central Station. This June select works will be displayed inside city buses. The students have also exhibited their work at the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts, Sanctuary Gallery and Bethany Christian Services.

Using design thinking to encourage social impact and civic engagement is a key component of the WMCAT Teen Arts + Tech Program. Through the arts we are empowering teens and giving them an opportunity to elevate their voices. This powerful exhibit does just that. Make sure you check it out.