On Thursday, July 11, we honored our adult students at their graduation. We are extremely proud of each of them for their accomplishments as many of them prepare to begin a new chapter of opportunity in their lives. At the ceremony one of our students, Jasmine, who is now a certified pharmacy technician, gave a speech for her fellow classmates and inspired us all. Read below to share in the inspiration Jasmine gave to us all during her speech.

“When I first heard about this program, I was immediately intrigued. This program was for nine months, it was a career training program, and most importantly no cost to us. For years I was in and out of school. I would work at factories and temp agencies just to maintain and keep a job. I finally sat down and had a talk with myself. I said, “Self,” myself said, “huh?” What am I doing for my three-year-old twin boys? What am I doing for myself?

Finally I went through obstacles trying to fit school time into my busy schedule. Once I did so, it seemed as though everything went downhill. I was surrounded by negative people that brought me down. I had friends that turned their back on me. I had others that knew my struggles and my situation fight against me. But when I continued to pray and stepped into WMCAT daily, my struggles turned into triumphs. You see, WMCAT wasn’t just a school. The instructors weren’t just teachers. And the students weren’t just my classmates. WMCAT was the biggest support system I had. My instructors encouraged me. And the students fought with me. WMCAT gave me a second chance at life, when others could not. WMCAT didn’t judge me when others did.

I was to thank Ms. Lindy for everything you’ve done from handing me two pairs of scrubs that cost a pretty penny, to meeting with me for study time in your off days. I want to thank Ms. Katie for breaking down certain material I struggled with, and the smile that never leaves your face. Aaron, I want to say thank you, you were an awesome teacher on and off subjects! To Ms. Linda, even though you weren’t my teacher, you still spoke to me every day as if I were your student. To Jennifer, you came in midway, but you gave me the hope that I needed. To Kim, I want to thank you for this opportunity of becoming student of the year. Last, but certainly not least, Ms. Yvonne. Ms. Yvonne, thank you. Anything and I mean anything I needed you were there. Those days I just couldn’t make it, you pushed me. With your silly jokes, cravings for food (like me) and your crazy laugh, you kept me going through tears and all.

I love you all. I truly do. Now today, July 11, 2013, I can say with faith of trusting my God and help of WMCAT, I am a certified Pharmacy Technician and will be the best at what I do!”