Antonio Corrothers used to delete the emails he received about online classes and job training programs. The options were costly, and it didn’t seem realistic or financially possible to change career paths while caring for his family.

Antonio is a proud father of his daughters (from left to right) Jasmine, Tahji, and Kameron.

Before being laid off during the pandemic, Antonio was working long hours in a demanding job without seeing it pay off for him and his three daughters. When he lost his job, he remembers how his daughter Tahji reacted. “She said, ‘Oh I’m glad. Because you was stressed all the time.’” 

Antonio needed a career opportunity that would allow his family to thrive, not just survive. 

Antonio is ready for a new career in tech that allows his family to thrive.

When he heard about the Cybersecurity + GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) pathway in WMCAT’s Adult Career Training Program, it was different than the emails he had gotten before. “It just sounded too good to be true,” Antonio said. “I can go back to school for free, they’re going to help me, and it’s in a growing field that’s about to blow up, you know?” 

Beginning a new career in the digital economy at age 50 without a background in tech is not something Antonio had ever considered, but at WMCAT he’s gaining the tools and experience he needs through industry-specific learning, client project work, connection to local professional networks, and certifications. And he’s not starting from scratch; Antonio is bringing valuable lived experience and applicable skills to this new opportunity. 

With graduation just around the corner, Antonio is on his way to a career that offers predictable hours, thriving wages, and incredible opportunity. He looks forward to growing alongside the tech industry, and imagines being a part of the change that results in a more diverse and accessible digital economy. Whether it’s his daughters, his future colleagues, or the larger community — Antonio hopes to be someone who invites others to thrive. 

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