Studio Sips | November 8, 2023 | 6-9 p.m.

Thanks for joining us for Studio Sips, an interactive happy hour where you’ll enjoy a sampler of appetizers, drinks, and engaging activities.

We had so much fun at our evening of community and creativity, all while learning more about our mission to provide access to opportunity.


Check out all the zones for a truly creative happy hour! 

Makin’ Melodies

Swing through to produce your very own ringtone or alarm. You’ll be the champion of mixing and mastering. Then after the event, visit our Sound Cloud page at soundcloud.com/wmcatstudiosips to download your beat and add it to your phone. 

Self Image-ination

First, have your portrait photographed by a WMCAT teaching artist. Then, head over to the drawing tablets to become a digital illustrator and doodle and collage over the photograph. Express yourself through an original self-portrait and download the final product onto your phone. 

Print to Impress

Pick your favorite colors, shapes, and patterns from an array of hand-carved stamps and inks to block print customized greeting cards, gift tags, or bunting banners. Follow a holiday theme, or let your creativity take you anywhere.   


Add your colorful creativity to a collaborative art piece. You’ll learn to dye your own section of silk fabric to add to a larger multicolor masterpiece. The final piece will be displayed in our space for WMCAT students to enjoy! We’ve been dye-ing to create with you.  

Questions? Contact Development + Events Associate Lyric Floria at lyric.floria@wmcat.org or 616-454-7004.


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