Rochella came to WMCAT as a mother of four kids who was tired of struggling for years in low-paying factory and temp jobs. She continued working a second shift job while attending WMCAT’s Adult Career Training Program in Medical Billing four days a week. “It wasn’t the easiest thing to do, raising kids and working. But walking in the door at WMCAT there were people who would greet you every morning; people that said ‘you got this.’”

While at WMCAT Rochella created a new family – her classmates who began meeting together on Wednesdays after class and Friday mornings to study together and support each other. “We are from all different walks of life, but when we come here we’re all the same – trying to reach a goal,” said Rochella, who is a patient services representative at Spectrum Health today.

Then her “other” family connected with WMCAT too. Her son Cam’ryn, a high school junior, is learning how to be a filmmaker in the same caring place where Rochella got her new start. With an eye on a career in marketing and advertising, Cam’ryn is learning about video production while building his own community.

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