Working as a rideshare driver provided Anthony Joseph with the flexibility he enjoyed, but it didn’t offer the stability, opportunity, or challenge he craved. He began looking for paths to job security and that’s when he found cybersecurity — and WMCAT’s Adult Career Training Program.

Anthony had attempted to break into the tech field before by completing an educational bootcamp, but didn’t receive the hands-on experience or support he needed. “But WMCAT,” he shared, “was more like a group of close-knit friends learning together, figuring it out, getting to meet people, actually getting out in the field and networking.”

In the Adult Career Training Program, Anthony experienced a community of staff and instructors, local industry networks, and employer partners who were invested in his success during the program and after graduating. That community was the key to helping him find his current role as security analyst.

Anthony raises his hand in class, surrounded by peers in WMCAT’s Adult Career Training Program.

Now that he’s found the stability he wanted in the field he’s passionate about, Anthony feels that opportunities for continued growth are all around him. “Having that security of a job, a good paying job . . . it’s security from security.”

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