Eboni, center, with her three children, and WMCAT’s Yvonne May and Executive Director Kim Dabbs

Eboni Jemison, a 2012 graduate of WMCAT’s Pharmacy Technician Program, has three of the biggest cheerleaders out there.

Don’t underestimate their impact just because they’re short and very cute. At a ceremony in April where Eboni was honored by a state senator and representative for her achievements in building a career, her two sons and daughter (ages 14, 13 and 9) were right there still cheering her on. When Eboni was working hard toward her goals at WMCAT, she often told us how it was her children who kept her going. They would do their homework together around the kitchen table.

Her children, mother and a host of supportive family and friends have helped lift Eboni from life as a single mother with few marketable employment skills to a valued pharmacy technician at Spectrum Health — already receiving raises and workplace honors. One of those honors was Participant of the Year 2013 from the Community Action Agency. This award inspired State Senator David Hildenbrand and State Representative Brandon Dillon to honor Eboni in person April 29 with a tribute also signed by Governor Rick Snyder.

“We’re working hard to bring Michigan back and some barriers to that are employment and self-sufficiency,” said Senator Hildenbrand. “As our economy rebounds programs like WMCAT… are vital to the future of our state.”

He continued, “We are fortunate to have individuals like Eboni here in Michigan that provide a positive example for others who are facing obstacles to employment.”

We are extremely proud of Eboni and all of our dedicated students and alumni who are overcoming so many obstacles in order to find that career pathway to opportunity and financial stability.

In her heartfelt thank you to supporters, Eboni recounted how important WMCAT’s student services manager Yvonne May was to her success: “I was so embarrassed and ashamed sometimes to come and seek help,” she said. “Miss Yvonne let me know that everything was o.k.”

Thank you for investing in life changing programs that provide pathways to opportunity for people like Eboni. Take a look at Sen. Hildenbrand honoring Eboni and Eboni’s thank you to the WMCAT team.