Jalexia Stoutmyre

Illustration + Animation Teaching Artist


Jalexia Stoutmyre started at WMCAT in 2021 as illustration teaching artist, and in 2022 expanded their WMCAT teaching portfolio to include video production. Jalexia’s connection to WMCAT goes back to high school, when they participated as a student in the Teen Arts + Tech Program. They went on to study filmmaking at Compass College of Cinematic Arts. Jalexia’s artwork is featured in “Now You’re In the Sunken Place” by Jordan Peele and Universal Pictures, a coffee table book with art inspired by the film Get Out; and in 2020, a piece of their art was purchased by the Grand Rapids Public Museum for their permanent collection as part of the Windows GR project. When they’re not drawing you can catch them working on film sets or directing music videos.

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